Woke Up This Morning

Journaling has never been something I have to make myself do, nor blogging, which is one reason I always find it slightly amusing and highly unnecessary when bloggers (or zinesters, for that matter) apologize for not blogging in a while. It's not my job, it's not even a new year's resolution. I don't do it or not do it because I feel obliged to, as if, like Menand says, I feel

"that diarizing is a natural, healthy thing, a sign of vigor and purpose, a statement, about life, that we care, and that non-diarizing or, worse, failed diarizing is a confession of moral inertia, an acknowledgment, even, of the ultimate pointlessness of one

re: Woke Up This Morning

Hi Steev,I am a designer at a small brand agency in NYC. We are sourcing imagery for a publication for one of our clients. The publication is about the power and effect of the individuals' voice in today's commercial environment. The concept is to exclusively use photography posted on public websites such as Flickr. And your image of (i'd rather be blogging graffiti) on Flickr (http://flickr.com/photos/steev/44715703) caught our eye.Could you please email me (ellen@plaid-creative) to let me know if it is available for use? We can discuss usage, credit and payment.Thank you so much.Ellen

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