A Touch of Hip

If you're ever in the Quad Cities, USA (so-called because it consists of 2 cities on the Illinois side of the Mississippi River and 2 on the Iowa side) and you need a little bit of big city culture, in the form of a comfortable coffeeshop with internet and good espresso drinks, I highly recommend where I'm sitting right now, Dewey's Cafe in the Bettendorf Public Library.

For a place like Bettendorf this place is pretty cool. There's even a young goth guy barista who was really excited about being able to make a mocha that was "for here" and not to go. I was beginning to lose hope, after first going to a pizza place that also advertised itself as an "internet cafe", but had a really weak wireless signal and didn't serve espresso, although they had arty drawings of mochas and lattes (labelled) on the wals. Huh?

This all seems really snobby, perhaps, and I recognize that. However, this is the first time I've jonesed for this kind of thing in the last 2 weeks of being back here in Iowa. And, well, sometimes it's the simple pleasures of cosmopolitan life that can do a lot for my mood. I need ever little mood-booster I can get these days, actually.

re: A Touch of Hip

Yeah, I hear you. My hometown has zero culture, so I was really surprised and stoked when a coffee shop opened there a few years back (and has managed to survive.) Now only if the coffee was good...(so spoiled by Portland)

re: A Touch of Hip

the cafe at the bettendorf library is pretty kick-ass. i think it's changed hands a few times now, but it keeps on going. i haven't had much time to spend at the library lately, but when i haven't lived her it's been one of the things i've missed most. but anyway, let this serve as one small mote of proof that not -everything- in the QC sucks.

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