RIP George

I wasn't going to say anything about George Carlin shuffling off this mortal coil, but when I saw some very topical for our times quotes of his I just had to re-cite them. This is from a bit he was doing in the late 90s:

As far as I

re: RIP George

I happened upon your blog, Steev, and love it. We represent very different demographics--you and I--but we have some similar passions. I appreciate your talent and am becoming a big fan of yours. I intend to visit your blog often and wonder if commenting is encouraged.For instance, I've seen several blog posts on Carlin this week, but yours surpasses them all because you go beyond the "seven words you never can say" to highlight this message from the 90's that is perhaps more relevant today than it was when it was first uttered. You've demonstrated him to be a prophet--the one who speaks the truth, and in so doing, traces for us a trajectory that reveals the future.

re: RIP George

It wasn't my idea, i was just copying from a post on North Texas Indymedia. But thanx for the kind words.

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