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I've been journalling since I was 17, but they've been pretty private affairs. Who are they written for? Mostly myself. Though I often have the fantasy that when I die, someone will go through all those journals (I suppose I've averaged about 300 letter-sized pages per year, maybe more. It's varied so much, it's hard to say), and learn about who I was, and perhaps publish them, and the world will learn all these private things about me.

But that's different than what blogs are. Blogs are a much more outwardly focused project. And yet, because of the difficulties of the "Attention Economy," some blogs might as well be scribbled in notebooks and kept under a mattress. For many blogs, actually, not many people will see them. It's a bit like doing late night college radio. Is anyone listening?

anyway, what am i up to these days?
--going over my video footage from south america
--trying to figure out how to ship computers to bolivia
--other indymedia-related stuff
--starting up a cooperative video editing studio
--slowly starting to look for paying work
--learning how to use MovableType, for the sake of turning Detritus into a community blog.
--i don't know what else. seems like more is going on but i can't think of it.

re: going public

I hope you don't mind that i included you in indyblogs.protest.net. If you want i can pull you out again pretty easily.-evan

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