Fuck Memorial Day

Godammit I'm so surprised at how many places are closed today. Not a single fucking bike shop is open today because of Memorial Day. WTF? Fuck remembering the dead veterans. How about remembering all the fucking rich white elite men who DIDN'T die, who got rich off of all this country's wars for the last 250 years, sending the poor men off to die and then making a fucking holiday about them, as if that makes up for it?

As you can see, I'm in a foul mood. My bike has a flat and there's no where to get a freaking innertube. I'm really fucking sick of how often I get flats in this town, too, even with all the precautions of thorn-proof tires, tire liners, etc etc. I'm really sick of my bike too, and all the things wrong with it and the money I don't have to fix it because I'm still waiting on corporate america to send me a fucking check even after working for a whole month for them.


re: Fuck Memorial Day

Steve Try polyuethene tires. I may have mispelled that. In either case I got them 8 years ago they are solid and are on my mt bike. I use my bike for fun and basic in town transport. They don't drive rot or punture etc. Some some they can damage the rims putting them on but I think that is a pretext for not wanting to invest in a truely durable product.

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