Ugh. A few hours ago in my backyard a little insect flew into my ear, and didn't come out till just now. Going about my day, whenever I was sitting still for longer than a minute or so, it would start moving around in my ear canal! I could hear it and feel it! I couldn't get it out. And if i started moving or trying to remove it, it would stop. I tried q-tips, water, blowing with my nose and mouth and other ear closed. no dice. I started worrying it would crawl further and further into my sinuses and lay eggs in my brain or something.

But luckily a few minutes ago I felt it moving and it felt somewhat different. It was not moving deeper; It had found its way closer to the exit! It was seeking the light! I waited with hand to ear and suddenly it dropped out and i batted it away. yuck. Whew. Luckily that didn't happen during the meeting I was just at. Might have freaked some people out.

re: Bugged

freaky! when i was about 8 or something, a flying ant went into my ear. eventually we went to the doctors and they took a little squirt bottle thingee and jetted some water into my ear and washed the bug out. it was creeping me out.

re: Bugged

Damn, baby. I forgot all about the bug in your ear, so obsessed am I with my own aches and pains today. Sorry- and glad to hear it removed itself. Yikes. Maybe you need a Barbie bandage too?

re: Bugged

OOh that's nasty. It really makes me think of the Wrath of Kahn, though. Make sure you don't have any phasers nearby...

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