Bring Some Home, and Also Do The Right Thing in the Region

This recent article in the New Yorker about troop withdrawal from Iraq and realistic planning underscores and articulates something that I've always known as a feeling since the very first shouts of "support the troops! bring them home!": things are complicated. In Iraq, really really complicated. And simply pulling out all our forces as fast as possible sounds great but it would be disaster, and it would be cruel and horrible to the Iraqis, and to all the Middle East.

And Bush really fucked things up. And it's so so sad, that the hubris and arrogance and politicking and petty greed and ignorance has resulted in something like a million dead Iraqis (so far) and has fucked up the country and maybe the whole region for decades. Decades. Just because some dumbshit from texas and his cronies thought they were playing some little game that would maybe increase their stock portfolios. Fucking lying dipshit idiots.

But this article makes it clear that there's no going back, and there's no just throwing up our hands and saying "oops! Gosh those Republicans sure were bad. Well, ok, we're going home now, bye." Stupid W got us into this, but there ain't no getting out without admitting he fucked up, and doing the responsible thing to at least minimize further catastrophe.

re: Bring Some Home, and Also Do The Right Thing in the Region

talk about a legacy, eh? in a way that i do not want taken seriously by the universe, its almost too bad that bush cant have another term to have to face the mess he made for even longer. (tho, we can guess it would only be made worse, but i think you know what i mean -- "made your bed, now sleep in it", that kinda thing.)even if somehow, miraculously, politicians turn into humanitarians in the next election, how depressing to imagine the amount of effort -- military, aid, diplomacy, etc -- it will take to (try to) unravel this mess. and smack in the middle of so many other non-trivial adventures, like ecologocial nightmares, economic instability, and so forth.mindboggling how a small group with nothing but their own interests in mind can effect so much for so many people.

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