Bovine Blues

This is a letter to the editor that I never sent because certain someones thought there would be some sort of repercussions. But I have persmission to post it here...

Dear Tucson Weakly,

A few thoughts on Pima County's ranching operations and the recent letter from Oswald Cattle Company's Laurinda Oswald in response to your article "Bovine Blues".  First, should we really trust someone who owns a cattle company to be objective about the ecological costs of ranching?  Second, should I really trust a rancher who doesn't even know how to spell "herd"  (she spells it "heard" in the last sentence of her second paragraph)?  

Finally, the scientific fact of the matter is, cattle account for THE greatest proportion of greenhouse gases globally, even more so than transporation or industry, and grassfed cattle emit even more than feedlot cows. Yes, that's right, all the self-satisfied, guilt-free eaters of grassfed "sustainable" beef need to think again.  Oh, and Laurinda's cute story about Missouri ranching is laughable, because Missouri is a completely different kind of ecosystem than we have here (hint: it's not a desert).

Beef: it's what should NOT be for dinner.  Laurinda, please go find another way to make a living, for all our sakes.

(note that I support my claims, instead of just "rejecting" the other side's without backing up why, like Huck Chuckleberry in his letter the week before Laurinda's)


Steev Hise

P.S. Also, should we really be listening to people who host racist, anti-immigrant vigilante hate groups like The Minutemen on their land?