global warming

Even the Wingnuts are Believers Now?

So, this is amazing,
Senator McCain evidently now believes in global climate change, according to a
canned reply to a letter i sent recently.   "Human activities, including
the burning of fossil fuels, are the primary source of carbon dioxide
and other greenhouse gas emissions in our atmosphere....As Americans, we
can no longer ignore our significant contribution...The United States
must act responsibly ... It is also essential that we maintain our
leadership role as the world moves toward an international market for
greenhouse gas reductions."

of course, we MUST have a MARKET. of course. At all costs.


Bovine Blues

This is a letter to the editor that I never sent because certain someones thought there would be some sort of repercussions. But I have persmission to post it here...

Dear Tucson Weakly,

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