Utter Despair

I've been editing video with Final Cut Pro for 9 years now, yes that's NINE YEARS. Yet today I'm wrestling with a problem that brings me to the brink of complete, throw-up-my-hands frustration. Absolute utter despair that makes me want to just give up being a filmmaker completely, or at least being an editor.

It's pretty much too complicated to describe here quickly and not have someone mistake it for a stupid mistake.  Trust me, it's not a stupid mistake.  I'm not an idiot, and, like i think i mentioned, I've been using FCP for NINE YEARS.  Trust me when I say this is a completely new and weird fuck-up that is a total mystery and that you would probably have no idea how to solve either unless you have as much intelligence and experience with this software as I do. 

In other words, I'm not posting this to ask for help. I'm just screaming my frustration.   Thank you, Apple, for once again leading me to believe that I could trust you and your products. sigh. Read more>>>

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Post-Production Proceeding

This is an exciting time in the creation of the Truth On the Line pilot episode.
Truth On The Line framegrab boards #2

We have a first assembly rough cut and the story is finally all there together. But of course there is still lots of work at the edit suite left to do. Alternate takes and shots must be assessed, sound must be cleaned, music selected, graphics needs to be generated and placed, and color correction will be necessary.

From the beginning of post, 5 large "frame grab boards" have hung on the wall of the edit room. These boards are a practice inspired by famed editor Walter Murch. Each camera set up in the show is represented by one or more printed still photos, arranged roughly in shot order. As we work, the boards on the wall provide a quick and easy visual representation of the project and what material is available to us.

This week has been a busy time of meetings with department heads and trusted advisors. Decisions and discussions that will determine the shape and future of the show are underway.

As we go forward from here, we'll also ramp up our efforts to get the word out about this project and start talking with interested allies. Expect to see more and more activity on this website as the final cut approaches! To be sure you stay up to date, be sure to get on the mailing list (on the front page of the web site) or join the facebook group if you're reading this there. Read more>>>

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