What's Going On

I've been extremely busy and feeling very overwhelmed for the last few weeks. I'm involved with so many projects and obligations these days that it's hard to keep them all straight. Some of them are:

  • Editing the footage I shot during my News On The Line Transition in the Borderlands trip. This was done thanks to a grant I received from the Institute for Justice and Journalism, although I didn't receive the funds till I had already incurred virtually all of the expenses.
  • Editing several trailers of bouts from the Tucson Roller Derby's 2008 season.
  • Editing Indymedia Newsreal. I wasn't getting enough submissions so I stopped for a few months, but last week I finally did another installment because I had accumulated enough contributions.
  • I'm in the closing stretch, post-rough-cut, for Death and Taxes, the war tax resistance doc I've been painfully laboring over for over a year now, have been in post since May.
  • Adding subtitles to "Wild Versus Wall" for the Sierra Club.
  • Next week Wild Versus Wall will be in the Sedona International Film Festival and I'm spending a few days up there. A chance to get even more behind on all these other things! yay.
  • I'm supposed to be editing a Pan Left demo reel.
  • I'm supposed to be revising the DVD of my film about the Juarez femicide, On The Edge, so that the disc can be repressed. Months behind on that.
  • I'm very slowly editing a training video for the Battered Immigrant Women's task force, but I've been waiting for translations of the Spanish-language interviews, which the client was supposed to be doing, for about 5 months now. I really should get my spanish in better shape so I don't have to rely on this sort of thing.
  • helping my friend Esteban do his radio show.
  • Greta and I moved into a new house a couple weeks ago and are still doing things like put up curtains and hang paintings on walls and organize all our stuff. It's a great house though, and we're really happy to be in it.
  • I'm trying to grow a handlebar mustache. I figured out that I really should be using mustache wax, but I can't find where to buy some. Places like standard drugstores don't seem to carry it. Maybe I need to check barber shops or order it on the internet or something. This is one of those "if you told me 5 years ago" things...

    So anyway, like I said, I'm busy.