New Efforts

As the New Year slouches into being and beyond, one thing that is a goal I have is to write more, including writing more here on this blog.  Blogging has fallen by the wayside for me in the last few years, I think mostly because of Facebook. I think this has happened to a lot of good people with blogs.  On the other hand, lots of friends who could never have been bothered to have a blog are now very regularly posting the same sorts of things that they would have probably put on a blog if they had bothered, so I'm not saying Facebook has been a complete disaster, socially at least.

However, for me, to the degree that writing helps to center the thought
process and provide a map or template for life, Facebook has served to
fragment and defocus my thinking and leave me wandering a territory I'm a
little lost in.  And so, not a 'resolution', but a loose goal, to write
more here.  And if you start coming back here you will probably see it

Steev at MOCA Tucson, loading out sound gear.

To start, here I'm going to simply provide a bit of textual accompaniment to some recent photos.  Because what our favorite social networking service has also done is fragment and defocus my photographic practice. Or rather, the practice of organizing and presenting the output of my photographic practice. Because I've continued to takes lots of photos, some of them even quite good.  But I used to be very diligent and prompt, for the most part, about posting the better ones on my Flickr account. I invite you to click through and peruse them more thoroughly at some point.

This photo is of me, of course, actually snapped by Greta, with a speaker under my arm and a basket full of other audio gear. I was packing up after the opening of Peter Young's art exhibit at Tucson MOCA, for which I did some sound art.

found the warmest sunny spot - 2
And this is our supercute beastie, Josie, after finding a perfect sunny spot for a nap. There are many, many photos of her in my collection over the past few years.

Photos serve so many purposes.  Making them is an art, an outlet for the desire to create something beautiful;  They document unique events; but they also mark time and provide witness to the non-unique, the everyday occurences which would otherwise sometimes slide by our imperfect memories.

Arizona Between Nosotros: on Debt - 36 This is a shot from an amazing performance art event by Arizona Between Nosotros.
I'm starting to realize there's no way to summarize in a reasonably-lengthed blog post, and in a way I'm content with, the hundreds of photos I've recently posted. So, really, if you want to visually browse some highlights of the last few months of my life, you are very welcome to.

Spirit Tree Bed and Breakfast, Patagonia, AZ - 33
Lots of luck to you in the New Year!