Doomsday Averted

So yesterday, as you're aware, Brother Camping was proven wrong once again about when the world would end. To commemorate this I put together a little DJ set of relevant music and sound and broadcast it on ustream. While "spinning" I also played some old vhs tapes on a tv and pointed my webcam at the screen in an attempt at improvising some kind of video element without too much preparation. You can watch/listen below, and below that, read the playlist. I like how i managed to make the set tell a little story, introducing the situation, looking at the people going and the people "left behind" from both perspectives, then getting into the nature of evil while also criticizing the assumptions of the Dispensationalists that believe wackos like Harold Camping and others like him throughout history... then examining the armageddon situation as it would continue, and then some final jabs at Christianity and the worst of those who believe it, and finally it all dissolves away and everything is ok... or is it?

Armageddon Days Are Here Again, The The
Should I Stay or Should I Go, The Clash
Left Behind, Beat Happening
Nobody Has To Stay, Mirah
Since I Left You, The Avalanches
How To Disappear Completely, Radiohead
What A Wonderful World, Louis Armstrong
Mother Of The Disappeared, Bono
god said no, Dan Bern
After You Left, Mirah
I Wish I Had An Evil Twin, The Magnetic Fields
Evil, Paris
God Made, Andrew Jackson Jihad
And I'm Evil, Beatallica
Your Time Is Gonna Come Led Zeppelin
God's Gonna Cut You Down DJ Schmolli vs. Johnny Cash Allstar Band
Prayer to God Shellac
There Is No God, Competing Revelations, Obey Little Children, Stupid Acapella, History Lesson, The Meaning Of Life,..., Negativland
God's Away On Business, Tom Waits
Hand Of Doom, Black Sabbath
Apocalypse, Wyclef Jean
Chuck D Counts Down To Armageddon, Cut Chemist Meets Shortkut
It_s_The_End_Of_The_World R.E.M.
Armageddon, Colin Meloy
End of the Planet, The Adventures of Jet
The Devil and Sammy Davis Jr., Mol Triffid
Kiss The Devil, Eagles Of Death Metal
End of the World Party, Medeski, Martin & Wood
The Tower Of 9/11, Life Is Fleeting, Surrender, A Jewish Life,..., Negativland
Evil, Ladytron
Everything Goes To Hell, Tom Waits
Straight To Hell, The Clash
your lucky day in hell, eels
Earth Died Screaming, Tom Waits
I'll See You In Hell, God
White, Proud And Stupid, Propagandhi
Christianity Is Stupid, Negativland
The End, The Beatles
Is That All There Is, Peggy Lee
Doomsday Averted, Rasputina
armageddon days are here again (acoustic), The The
370 Magic Leise Mix, Farmersmanual