contested bandwidth.

Day 2 of No Borders Camp - 18
i wish there was a way to just limit freeloaders of wifi to low-bandwidth
use and just stop them from watching videos and doing big
downloads/uploads and other high-bandwidth stuff, because in principle
i'm for open networks. it'd be great if anyone could freely use our
wireless to get email or whatever low-impact stuff they wanted.  it's
just that when the freeloading makes it impossible for us to do what we
need to do, there have to be limits.  so we've finally
password-protected our access point. the slowdowns from neighbors
watching porn or whatever just was not acceptable. sorry neighbors!

i guess if we had a good enough switch andan extra separate wireless router
we could do something like that, have a free-low-bw zone and a
pw-protected full-bw one. neighbors, if you want to buy that hardware
for us, i'll set it up.  in the interest of community resource sharing..   :-)