On Memoir and Novelwriting

On the day before the start of this year's National Novel-Writing Month, which I plan to participate in (and succeed at, like I did 5 years ago), I've decided to finally get around to a blog entry I've been meaning to post for many months.  What I want to do is list some of my favorite passages from David Shields' amazing book "Reality Hunger: A Manifesto."  The book is a sort of inspirational artistic romp through the hybrid world of mixed fiction/nonfiction, narrative/memoir, original/remixed writing and other media.  My "novel" I plan to write in November will be just this sort of hybrid, so I need to look through Shields' book again anyway.  Here are a few choice quotes (which themselves may be quotes he's making, largely uncited, from others, and which I will largely leave uncited, with a few exceptions):


Free To Pursue Your Real Talent

I just read this great rant by a movie industry bigwig, screenwriter of "A History of Violence." It's entertaining it's extreme honesty and openness about the craft of screenwriting, and it's funny, and it's called "I Will Not Read Your Fucking Script." I recommend reading it if you are any sort of creative person.

One of the best ideas is this:

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