Yeah Yeah, newmediacoolcoolgeewhiz, But Still, most Bloggers != Journalists

I just removed the (i'm now certain) right-wingedly nuts "reporter"(ranter)/photographer/"filmmaker" (and ridiculously-mustachioed) Karl Hoffman from my facebook friends list. i should have done so long ago but today he finally completely went over the line with his latest smear-job hate-piece on his Tucson Citizen blog. 
The Citizen has really screwed up letting practically any whackjob with a computer and an axe to grind have a megaphone on their site.  I guess i shouldn't be surprised coming from a Gannett (USA Today) publication. but still. they really should have SOME quality control.  After they ran out of money and closed up their print operation, they reinvented themselves as an even more crappy web-only operation with legions of free, untrained, amateur bloggers pretending to be writers.  This and the similarly fact-starved consistently get my blood pressure up lately.  They really make one tremble for the possible dark fate of journalism - not that I'm against the transformation of the media landscape thanks to blogs and social media - but sites like these that purposely, just to save a buck, blur the line between professional, ethical, skilled journalists and unqualified, prejudiced hacks are really doing harm to that landscape.

Anyway, i'm not even going to link to Karl's story because if you click you'll just be giving him more hits. suffice it to say the piece is full of hateful lies and conjecture about No More Deaths and Samaritans.  He hates them because they're pro-union, is the best i can figure out. And he's a former cop who can't stand the idea of anybody doing anything against any law, i guess. Actually, his poor videography should be against the law. I've been politely sitting through his lame youtube output for years, not wanting to be too critical, but the gloves are off now.  and i'm not just talking about his political position - he's really incompetent with the craft, especially with editing and sound.  The good thing about his shitty work is that the poor quality, of his video as well as his writing, is an important flag that says to the alert, intelligent reader: "hey this guy's fishy.  if he knew what he was talking about, he'd probably also know how to spell "guerilla" (not "gorilla").
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