Yesterday's Tweets

  • 09:10 trying to decide if i should go get some scones from Epic #
  • 11:36 reading about how Friendship Park is getting blocked off, completely, by la migra.. #
  • 15:10 amazed we only have 13 days left till the election. #

Yesterday's Tweets

  • 10:49 just finishing reconfiguring the backyard for increased chicken grazing. #
  • 11:34 noticing i have 82 gigs of music in my mp3 collection, and 82 days worth of listening. about a gig a day. hmm. #
  • 13:57 exporting finished November Indymedia Newsreal. #

Yesterday's Tweets

  • 09:28 yuck. just found out Amazon (via IMDB) acquired WithoutABox in january. bleah. more monopolization. "vertical integration" is what u call it #
  • 11:32 trying to get rolling #
  • 12:50 labelling bike porn postcards with local show info #
  • 16:47 just got back from fixing my front brake at BICAS #
  • 17:02 bloggng on Tucson Weekly awarding Dry River "best anarchist collective" award: #


Here's my tweets from yesterday, including me babbling away like all the other political junkies during the debates. I'm sort of ashamed I even clicked over to at all...

  • 08:17 getting ready for screen acting class #
  • 13:18 writing in my screen acting journal #
  • 14:07 omg. just read horrible news about an acquaintance raped and killed in Oaxaca this week: #
  • 14:37 mi good amigo EC is doing a radio show soon. I hear he'll be tweeting his playlist as he goes: #
  • 19:01 just remember that mccain is the candidate that called his wife a cunt. #
  • 19:04 omg. iran. threat to Isreal. "second holocaust?" wtf? McCain sure is good at the cheap shot. #
  • 19:07 Obama is pulling his punches, just like every democrat for the last 30 years. it's sad. #
  • 19:11 Obama is obviously so much smarter and well-spoken. the problem with that is, will the american people really value that? #
  • 19:15 Why not negotiate with terrorists? The cops negotiate with crazy gunmen all the time. #
  • 19:17 McCain's invocation of Kissinger as a good friend is damning. Kissinger is a butcher. #
  • 19:24 Russia "dangerous" again = more money on its way to defense contractors. yay! arms race! #
  • 19:44 now the endless analysis by the pundits.... #
  • 19:48 it's interesting that everyone thinks the candidate they already favored "won" the debate. wtf?I just wish we could vote "none of the above" #

Yesterday's Tweets

  • 06:59 awake and watching cnn in hotel room. omg it's been a long time w/out tv i guess. so surreal. punky B-52s song as theme for CNN morning news? WTf? #
  • 15:48 back from phoenix, conference went well. good eats. #
  • 15:50 really feeling tired of activist-spam. at least a message a day from MoveOn, Free Press, and Brave New Films. every day. #

Yesterday's Twitter tweets

Yesterday's Tweets

  • 16:21 capturing an interview with the Mexican Consul of Tucson. #
  • 18:42 almost time to go to Pan Left meeting. #
  • 20:31 feeling tired and bored. sitting in pan left meeting. #

39 Is OK

Two confirmations in the last few days that I'm not really that old: First, I just read (in the New Yorker's "Fashion Rocks" supplement, of all ridiculous things) that the guitarist from the band The Kills, Jamie Hince, is 39 as well. And he's dating Kate Moss. Second, I'm taking a Screen Acting class, believe it or not (I want to get better in front of the camera as I insert myself into my own films more and more, and I think knowing about acting will help me direct), and I was worried before my first day Friday that I was going to be the oldest person there, especially when I saw a gaggle of what looked like 19-year-olds entering the room ahead of me. I literally almost just chickened out and left, but luckily I didn't, and discovered that there were 4 or 5 others that were in my age range or older. It's actually a very diverse range of students and it looks like it will be a good class.

So, I should stop fretting. Still plenty of time to be a rock star or movie star. Hah.

Yesterday's Tweets

  • 10:51 watching a DIY Days panel video #
  • 13:10 uploading new fotos from new mexico trip to flickr: #
  • 17:25 dealing with a cascade of afternoon emails! not spam, even! #
  • 17:31 amazed how many people misspell the word "yay" - or are they really trying to say "yeah," and misspelling that? hmm. #

Tweets from yesterday

Yesterday's Twitter tweets:

  • 09:44 so tired of people not understanding that youtube videos are not "usable", you can't "take" them and do anything with them. and even if you could they wouldn't be high-enough quality for pro use. sigh. #
  • 14:16 copying old wtr footage from old drives to the new one #
  • 20:13 just watched a datura blossom open. beautiful. #
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