One Day On Earth raw footage selects (1 of 2 parts) from the u.s./mexico borderlands

this is 1 of 2 clips of footage selections from my 10.10.10 shooting day for the One Day On Earth project. This first one concentrates on nature footage, mostly in the Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge near Sasabe, Arizona.

note: this is just a selects/demo reel. My raw footage contains longer takes of each of the shots in this reel and is available for use in the One Day On Earth film.

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the waste of sports - 6

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the waste of sports - 6

the trash left behind on U of Arizona campus next morning after a football game. of course the workers had already bagged everything by the time i got there and were making it disappear.

contested bandwidth.

Day 2 of No Borders Camp - 18
i wish there was a way to just limit freeloaders of wifi to low-bandwidth
use and just stop them from watching videos and doing big
downloads/uploads and other high-bandwidth stuff, because in principle
i'm for open networks. it'd be great if anyone could freely use our
wireless to get email or whatever low-impact stuff they wanted.  it's
just that when the freeloading makes it impossible for us to do what we
need to do, there have to be limits.  so we've finally Read more>>>

The Bats of Ruby

The colony of bats leaving the old mine in Ruby, Arizona, as they do every sunset during the summer. This was shot in May 2010.

Shot on a Canon SD780 and then motion-stabilized in post with Apple Motion. I played around with time rate a little too at the end.

Cast: steev hise

chocolate-espresso stout - 13

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chocolate-espresso stout - 13

siphoning into the bottling pail.

Thoughts About Immigration, and Labor, and Myths in America

Hatch, NM, Chile Capitol of the World - 09
I've been reading an excellent book called "'They Take Our Jobs!' and 20 other myths about immigration", by Aviva Chomsky. It's a really straightforward, easy read, and I've been highlighting key summarizing passages as I go with the intention of blogging at least a couple of times to share them. I will get to some of those soon, but I want to briefly mention one "big idea" from the book and how it relates to some other things I've been thinking about.

One underlying lesson of Chomsky's book is that, as we all keep seeing, history is such a great way to get at the truth or part of the truth that's often been glossed over in many discussions. She looks not just at the immigration situation right now but at the history of labor in the New World to show that immigration is a simply one part in the puzzle of how capital has always fought to provide itself with cheap labor. Cutting labor costs depends on having a population of workers who don't have the same rights as the rest of the people. An underclass.

Palacio Nacional, Mexico City - 10The reason we've always had an "underclass" in our society, whether it was slaves, indentured servants, immigrants, foreign workers in far-away foreign factories, or undocumented immigrants, has always pretty much been because business needs to reduce what it spends on labor. They need to cut costs so they can offer cheap prices to consumers, and so they can increase profits.

Furthermore, the need to reduce retail consumer prices has become especially important in the last half-century, because middle-class workers here, the "non underclass," in other words, the consumers, have had their (real) earnings drop steadily since the 60s. Income inequality has been increasing as money gets funneled from regular people to the upper class. This means things, to put it simply, life has been kind of bad and getting worse and worse for the last few decades, for most people in this country.

To make up for it, rather than offering a truly better, more just and fair life for most people, Read more>>>

Sundog's place in Arivaca - 5

gourds - 2

My playlist from party in Albuquerque

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My playlist from party in Albuquerque

We went to a wedding reception sept 5 and I DJ'd for about an hour. This is a screengrab of my Ableton Live session showing the tracks I played, basically. (i didnt get to the last few rows, and i skipped a couple in the list) The 2 columns just represent A and B channels that I crossfaded between. Sorry no artist names, that's one thing I think Ableton should add is the display of mp3 ID3 tags. suffice to say, if you don't recognize some tracks, I ranged stylistically across drum and bass, IDM, industrial, silly mashups, electro pop, modern cumbia, some retro soul, funk, and some unclassifiable hybrid weirdness, and glitched it all up by hand myself. it was a fun time.

Hatch, NM, Chile Capitol of the World - 09

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