You'll Like This Film Because You're in It: The Be Kind Rewind Protocol

You'll Like This Film Because You're in It: The Be Kind Rewind Protocol

author: Michel Gondry

name: Steev

average rating: 3.80

book published: 2008

rating: 5

read at: 2012/10/18

date added: 2012/10/18

shelves: wishlist, filmmaking, fun

As a filmmaker and someone who has participated in several collaborative "fast movie" projects in which amateurs get together and democratically craft a film really quickly, this book was a great confirmation of some basic dreams and desires and experiences that I've had. Michel Gondry is a genius, dreamer, and auteur, as we all know from his videos and films, but surprise-surprise, he's also an anti-corporate, anti-capitalist, utopian collectivist, and he's come up with a great, simple system for putting these ideals into a system of making little films that friends and neighbors can participate in. As he keeps repeating in the book, this is not a book about how to make films. Rather it's a book about how to bring back an aspect of community life that has largely disappeared with the advent of mass-mediated consumerism. I hope to one day witness and take part in the protocol that he lays out here, and if I do, hopefully I can restrain my professionalist and authoritarian urges, and just be part of a group, making something together and without preconceived plans, and without corporate sponsors.