Here's my tweets from yesterday, including me babbling away like all the other political junkies during the debates. I'm sort of ashamed I even clicked over to at all...

  • 08:17 getting ready for screen acting class #
  • 13:18 writing in my screen acting journal #
  • 14:07 omg. just read horrible news about an acquaintance raped and killed in Oaxaca this week: #
  • 14:37 mi good amigo EC is doing a radio show soon. I hear he'll be tweeting his playlist as he goes: #
  • 19:01 just remember that mccain is the candidate that called his wife a cunt. #
  • 19:04 omg. iran. threat to Isreal. "second holocaust?" wtf? McCain sure is good at the cheap shot. #
  • 19:07 Obama is pulling his punches, just like every democrat for the last 30 years. it's sad. #
  • 19:11 Obama is obviously so much smarter and well-spoken. the problem with that is, will the american people really value that? #
  • 19:15 Why not negotiate with terrorists? The cops negotiate with crazy gunmen all the time. #
  • 19:17 McCain's invocation of Kissinger as a good friend is damning. Kissinger is a butcher. #
  • 19:24 Russia "dangerous" again = more money on its way to defense contractors. yay! arms race! #
  • 19:44 now the endless analysis by the pundits.... #
  • 19:48 it's interesting that everyone thinks the candidate they already favored "won" the debate. wtf?I just wish we could vote "none of the above" #