the wheels were rolling until we used the brakes.

This is a collaging and "folding" of video collage generated at a live performance of the Tucson Bikeastra in December 2010, during the BICAS Art Auction in Tucson. Additional live footage of the performers is also included.

The Bikeastra was Glenn Weyant and Scott Kerr playing musical instruments fashioned from bike parts, with live video accompaniment and additional electronic soundscapes by Steev Hise. For this mashed-up document, realtime manipulated video from the set lasting a total of approximately 40 minutes was edited down, chopped up and superimposed on itself in a 4-way screen split, resulting in an increased density of video information. The sound is collaged from the recorded audio channel coming from Steev's laptop. No recording of the actual performed mix that night exists.

Cast: steev hise and Glenn Weyant

Tags: experimental, live, vj, bikes, transportation, bicycles, art, music and avant garde