Truth On The Line - webisode 1

Truth On The Line is a story about media, journalism, immigration, and life, written and directed by Steev Hise. This webisode launches the 6-part web mini-series, introducing Stan (Steve McKee) and Maria (Burgundi Phoenix), anchorpersons for a TV news program called News On The Line. In this webisode there's some growing friction between Stan and the rest of the show's staff about how to run things.

Future webisodes will be available twice a week, on Mondays and Thursdays. For more information about the project, see A lot went into the making of Truth On The Line; If you like the project and would like to help Steev continue to make cool stuff like this, please show your support and contribute a few shekels - click the "tip this video" button on the video's Vimeo page. Thanks for watching and helping!

Cast: steev hise, Jamie A. Lee and Kevin Anderson

Tags: web series, tucson, media, immigration, borders, journalism, television, activism, TOTL and tip jar