I designed this poster:

synaesthesia poster
Just picked it up from the printers last night and it looks great. 11x17 inches. It should be a cool event, and I hope the posters help get a bunch of people to come to it. I'm also working on a video collage piece for the show. It's the first extensive non-documentary video piece I've done in years. It's fun to see other people in Pan Left working on more artistic and less carefully planned-out work too. I think we all need to excercise our spontaneous creativity a little more often.

re: Synaesthesia

Steev, neat looking poster; you did a good job!

re: Synaesthesia

Yeah! This poster is really good.

re: Synaesthesia

I love the swirly hair/smoke in the background. What is it from? Have fun with the show!

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