Stretched Too Thin

If my blogging software permitted, this post would be marked not only in the personal category but in every other category that I've defined, and more. That's because this entry is about how many different things I'm involved with and how that's a problem.

But before I get too far into that I will link to a post i just published on another blog that I seldom use, on the delete the border site, relating recent news about arizona border crossing deaths and stuff.

Now I move on into saying this: I'm doing too much and I need to figure out how to jettision some stuff if i intend to feel better about myself and stay sane, because very little of it is getting done in a quality way. Here's the list, or everything i can think of now:

  1. dry river
  2. no more deaths media work
  3. arizona indymedia
  4. panleft (i've just agreed to be a board member! argh! what am i thinking!?)
  5. Root Force
  6. new Tucson "border radicals" group
  7. my juarez film - setting up the tour in july
  8. War Tax Resistance video projects
  9. editor of Indymedia Newsreal
  10. bolivia computer project
  11. a newish relationship that's very important to me and needs lots of care.
  12. work, for a new job with lots of annoying bueaucratic obstacles to being paid what i'm supposed to be, not to mention lots of work that requires my creative and thougtful input.
  13. green scare - at least this will be over after the event we're having this saturday.

The most important things are 2, 7, 11, and 12. A few other things are impossible to get rid of right now. The rest I need to just tell people "sorry, I can't be there." Sigh.

The nice thing, though is that, as usual, just making a list of everything makes it seem like a lot less of a problem. so, yay....

re: Stretched Too Thin

as for #11, it can be combined with #12 and #3 to maximize #11 and also getting responsibilities done. #11 could also be combined with #12 at a coffee shop with a promise to not talk, with occasional footsie under the table. #11 can also be a point of destress from #s: 1-10, 12. #11 at times can mean quality over quantity, and can also be completed while sleeping.

re: Stretched Too Thin

I agree that 2, 7, 11, and 12 are the most important. What you should to is figure out how to use work for all that stuff. You have to be at work some of the time, so you might as well do your own things there as well, right?

re: Stretched Too Thin

Well, adventure!, I work from home and i only bill the time i actually am doing work. But of course I would say something like this, though, since the person i'm working for/with is a friend who reads this blog regularly. :-)Oh and "under da cover," I have to clear it with HR, but I think you're hired as my new life coach. Please report to Epic Cafe tommorrow morning at 6:30 am.

re: Stretched Too Thin

is the bolivia project ever going to end!?! sheesh. hopefully, too, you will be able to be "finished" with your movie at some point. sure you will want to promote it in various ways, but hopefully the energy needed for that will keep diminishing. most the other stuff seem like they could drag on in a nightmarish way (excepting #11, of course; and i suppose #12?) so maybe the key for those is to start reducing the commitment in tiny doses and see how you feel about it. i find that helps me -- when it gets low enough, my brain reacts to it *if* i really wanna do it, and i get more involved. if i dont notice, well, i guess it wasnt the right place for the energy. if that makes sense.

re: Stretched Too Thin

Well, Steev, I guess it's time to find some crap job at a corporate chain store, so you can spend the time there scamming photocopies, stealing merch, flirting with other people, drinking beer in the breakroom, making fun of customers, and all the other fun things you do at work...besides actually working.And yes, I can empathise with you. I have too much going on, a few unfinished projects on the platter (please don't ask about the Zinester's Guide, really), and now my work life is intertwined with my personal life. Like I'm planning a Bike-In Movie at the hostel, which is where I work, which is also part of PedalPalooza. I'm all over the place these days...

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