The Savage Detectives: A Novel

The Savage Detectives: A Novel

author: Roberto Bolaño

name: Steev

average rating: 3.93

book published: 1998

rating: 5

read at: 2008/11/23

date added: 2008/11/23

shelves: novels

This is an amazing book made up of countless fractured storylets shuffled and diced, giving the reader a sort of cubist look at the lives of two rebellious Latin American poets. The title comes from the fact that they are, in part of the book, searching for another obscure poet from a past era, but the book covers many other subplots and anecdotes, in a very nonlinear way.

This novel met all my high expectations caused by all the Bolaño hype over the last year or so. It was excellent! Believe it all, he really was one of the greatest novelists of his generation, which makes it even more sad that he died so young.

Now I look forward to reading his last work, "2666"....