I wiped out and hurt myself last night while zoobombing. It sucked and still sucks. Lots of scrapes all over and my left hand is all swollen up. my fingers still work pretty normal so i can type, luckily, but i have a hard time gripping anything firmly.

Hopefully this is nothing serious and it will heal up on its own soon, cuz, suprise, i have no insurance.
I'm lucky, though, it could have been a lot worse.
Ironically, this was my first bomb with a helmet. The other five times my head was bare. I didn't hit my head last night, so it wouldn't have mattered.

My bike's totally fine, too, except i broke my front light. Like i said, i was really lucky.

On the way home i was having all these negative thoughts about zoobombing and other idle decadent things we do in our "spare time" - in Bolivia people are hurting themselves while putting up roadblocks and running from soldiers, meanwhile we're up here making up stupid meaningless ways to put ourselves in danger. sigh.

re: ouch

Hey, hope you are feeling better. The whole zoobomb spectacle is so fabulous, but I wonder what percentage of folks get injured? Are wacky bikes required? Here in cleveland, while we do have bicycle mayhem evenings, nothing is so outrageous as what i imagine zoobomb to be.keep up the good fight!

re: ouch

yeah, people get hurt in zoobomb, mostly just road rash and bruises though. amazingly enough, we only had about....8-10 SERIOUS accidents (i.e., the meat wagon is called, and an expensive hospital bill ensues). but if you figure the math, 2 years of zoobombing, every sunday since aug 2002, with about anywhere from 20-80 people every sunday. and no fatalities yet! pretty good odds for what we do really. and once you spill your blood upon the street, you own a piece of it. you earned that road.and yes, when we have no other outlets for our adrenaline/ physical challenges need (like they do running from death squads in the 3rd world) advanced societies always make up crazy and dangerous games to play, the aztecs had a bloody version of lacrosse and soccer, the romans had their gladiators, and we got "extreme sports". but i think ZB is better than all that, bc/ its all about bikes, and bikes are inheirently good!

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