Original "Death and Taxes" Intro

This is the introductory section of the rough cut of a film I worked on from 2007 to 2009, called "Death and Taxes: Refusing To Pay For War."

My original vision for the film was for it to be an entertaining and compelling story that also clearly taught the viewer the basics of war tax resistance. (see this blog entry from an early editing stage in the project: steev.hise.org/content/trying-tell-story-war-tax-resistance ) Budgetary and other problems resulted in me being unable to finish the film, but a new editor, Carlos Steward, stepped in to complete it, though the result was very different and more basic, formally, than what I'd planned to achieve.

With this intro fragment I hope to convey something of the idea I was originally going for - something grounded in personal narrative that would engage people on a different level than a traditional talking-heads type doc.

For information about the finished film, see nwtrcc.org/deathandtaxes.php

Cast: steev hise

Tags: tax, death, war, military, peace, filmmaking, narrative and story