I'm sitting on the deck on the roof of this house I've been living in for 7 months, drinking the last mojito I will probably ever drink here and watching a lightning storm out west in the Tucson Mountains. Lightning storms are insanely great here.

shit, it's raining. i better get this laptop inside.

I subsituted the laptop for a guitar, a shitty acoustic guitar that a friend gave me a couple weeks ago. it needs the moisture. i've never owned an acoustic before. It's crazy considering that I first started playing guitar 20 years ago. 20 years. anyway it made more sense to play slide guitar blues while watching the lightning than to blog. now the storm seems to have passed beyond vision.

it's easy to forget that the start of a big adventure is a week away. I'm going to portland, and then all the way down the west coast to show my sad, shocking, horrifying documentary to people in 5 different cities. And to see good friends every step of the way. And to prove to myself I've done enough? To "close" my obligations to this issue? Probably not. But I have to do it, and it will somehow be a fun adventure too, won't it?

The world is so fucked, and yet life is so very very good, as Derek Jesnsen says.

For some of us. Did you know that in India "Since 1997, more than 25,000 farmers have committed suicide, many drinking the chemical that was supposed to make their crops more, not less, productive."?

re: lightning

STEEV.I tried to post this on the entry before this one and it DENIED ME... so i am posting it here:Steev... Marinate on this for a minute, in a few short weeks, 4 actually, you'll be in San Diego, partying hard with us crazy kids. Yes, we will be doing film screenings of your film, but in any case, you'll get to spend a few days with good friends, we can go on hikes, get apple pie, eat raw foods, etc. etc...Mad Love

re: lightning

And now comes the reply to this post... So i think it is important that we constantly ask ourselves these kinds of questions. Weird that youre going on a "tour" of your movie considering the subject matter, yes, but at the same time your film is generating interest, passion, anger and so many other feelings within people across these cities, and equally becoming organizers around it. Your film tour isn't closing obligations, but its opening doors. And the truth is you dont need me to tell you anything remotely relating to this, because despite that, we will continue to ask ourselves these questions in frustration, confusion and sometimes doubt. But that's the great thing about the work we do, its versatile and somewhere down the line they find a way to blend, and we find ways to make change. Talk about cheese whiz, geez. =) Take Care, QueenB

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