Ich Bin Ein Gringo

... frustrated to not know anything more of German (the language they speak in Germany) than how to say thank you and hello. Even "excuse me" is too hard to remember, so far. ["Enschuldigen Sie Bitte," I think]

re: Ich Bin Ein Gringo

I don't think Germany is extravagantly expensive. Food and drinks are, in my opinion, cheaper here than in, say, France or Italy. But I suppose that is partly because I know where to look... And I am not in one of the big, expensive cities.As far as pay toilets, they are disappearing in Germany, but they are still common in train stations or places where there are lots of drinking people (sports events or biergartens on busy days).The train station bathrooms are a last resort, in my opinion. Try to use the bathroom on the train. Of course, train toilets can get nasty as the day goes on, especially on the cheaper, slower, trains. Though even ICE toilets get disgusting. I don't know what it is with people... I know the train can be bumpy and wobbly, but is it that hard to clean up after yourself. Or not make a mess to start with.

re: Ich Bin Ein Gringo

OK - this was actually a comment on your previous post that I was too late reading to write, but consider it part of a "welcome to Germany" comment.---Wow! I went to BICAS site and it sounds really cool. Do they have two-day workshops so that I can build a bike or two if we come visit for the weekend? Oh - and I was going to replace a flat on my spare bike so you could use it, but now that I know you are the expert, maybe I will just keep the tools ready ...Hope the first part of your trip goes well!See you soon.

re: Ich Bin Ein Gringo

Oh yeah! One more thing that I forgot to say. I totally know what you mean about the foreign language lobe being occupied by the wrong foreign language! Whenever we visit another country, I know the basics before I go (at least I try),, but always start spewing german instead. And it is really bad in france, since I supposedly know a lot of French. It just takes 30 minutes before it comes to the surface, and then it is too late. I think it shares a neuron or two with my "snappy comeback" lobe.Of course German looks hard, because the words gat get pretty long. eventually it starts to work. Except for today. For some reason I could barely form a coherent word this afternoon when I was talking to a guy on his last day.

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