Holiday Slowdown

The Blogosphere, or the little corner of it that I regularly monitor (read: that I subscribe to in my feedreader), seems to be slowing down, probably for Thanxgiving.

I bunch of Tucson folks I know went to the Seri Coast for the week. (I just spelled that phonetically espanol-style, because I don't know how it's really spelled.) It's on the land of a Mexican Indian tribe, the Seri, on the coast of the Sea of Cortez, about 8 hours from Tucson. Apparently it's really beautiful and completely primitive - you have to bring absolutely everything with you, water and all. I maybe could have gone, and wanted to, but I couldn't justify leaving for a whole week when I really should be concentrating on finding housing and work. I'm sure they're having a wonderful, "Y Tu Mam

re: Holiday Slowdown

Ooh, Steev! Them's fighting words for some! What's yer beef with Beantown? Is it just because you're in Tucson, not Boston?--"don't call this a slowdown" Shawn

re: Holiday Slowdown

yes, Shawn. it's just because I'm in Tucson, not Boston. Purely self-interest.

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