A Good Day For My Ego

Today I was in the bathroom at Epic Cafe and noticed some new graffiti, and it was about me:
graffiti about me
Very weird. Very funny. A German pun on my name. I immediately thought I knew who my humorous admirer was. But as soon as I got back to my table I emailed her a question about it, and she denied doing it. Claimed any graf about me that she wrote would be much more poetic. And besides, she'd already left a note for me somewhere else that I'd found earlier today.

So it's some secret admirer, or just a joker with a Sharpie and a little knowledge of German. Or I did it, and then forgot about it. The writing kind of looks like mine. Maybe I'm like the guy in that film Memento. Hmm.

And also today I found something on another Indyblogger's blog that I wondered if it had something to do with me, but thought I was being egocentric to think that. Found out later, yeah, it was inspired by stuff I'd been writing here in my blog. Small world. I will leave it as an excercise to the reader (who gives a damn, and of course you do, right?) to find which blogger I'm talking about.

re: A Good Day For My Ego

I admit it, it was me!After 18 months in Germany, I have learned just about enough to make that pun. Almost. Maybe. No, not really.

re: A Good Day For My Ego

if it was me, my bathroom message would have been:"like a crimson hedgehog cactus flower radiates in the chaos of desert browns, steev hise has a smile so brilliant even the meadowlarks do not challenge its beauty with their song...."

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