Gee Whiz, Been 6 Days since Last Entry

Sun in CloudI'm posting this from a spare cube in an office on the 26th floor of a big big building in Universal City, Los Angeles, California. Like magic I find myself here though I woke up 10 hours ago in Tucson. I'm here for the launch party of the website I've been helping to build for the last 4 months.

It is 80 and breezy here in LA and sunny and beautiful.

I've been busy:

  • Still looking for a place to live.
  • Just did my taxes yesterday (filed an extension in April). I managed to almost live under the taxable limit last year! This year will be very different.
  • Went camping again last weekend, with Jessica. It was awesome. We went back to Feral Visions just for a day. Lots of Tucson folk we thought would be there were not.
  • Been spending a lot of time with her. Things are really good.
  • both of us have been travelling a lot. We're flying to Portland the weekend after this, for a wedding of 2 friends of mine, and just so I can show her Portland.

    Anyway. Will try to post about the party or whatever else is interesting, soon. chao...

  • re: Gee Whiz, Been 6 Days since Last Entry

    That wouldn't happen to be the wedding of Dale and Erin, would it?

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