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Yeah. If you know me well you already know, Jessica dumped me recently. If you don't, well.... now you know. Anyway at this great site I just read this in the discussion forum about whether you can stay friends with an ex:

My ex started talking about being friends from the exact moment that he dumped me and he thought that all it took was some time apart. What dumpers don't seem to perceive is that although they may still "love us as friends" and still have the same perception of our personality (he told me that his opinion of me had not changed, he just didn't love me anymore) our perception of them changes dramatically due to the break up. All of a sudden you see their cowardice, unability to communicate etc. But most of all they have let you down and hurt you. The dumper just doesn't see that the enormity of the betrayal is what makes friendship difficult.

That's sort of what happened and it's exactly what I'm struggling with.