The Difficult Listening Hour

My friend Esteban Caliente is hosting a "new" radio program on the new internet radio station in Tucson, Free Radio Chukshon. I say "new" in quotes because the show is a reprise, a re-versioning, of a radio show I did 18 years ago on WCBN, the student radio station I worked at in Ann Arbor. The show is called The Difficult Listening Hour and it's sort of a collage of sound effects, field recordings, interviews, music, all mashed together and sort of conforming to a loose theme... Esteban is even including, mixing in, recordings of the old shows, incorporating them into his new shows. It's a really interesting trip down memory lane, and down the last couple decades of music - both popular and 'experimental'. Listening to the kind of audio manipulations he's doing, and comparing them to the much more rudimentary techniques I had access to in the early 90s is pretty fascinating.

You can listen/subscribe to the past shows as a podcast and on the new station's website. And new shows happen every Friday at 4pm to 6pm.

The station has a pretty full schedule already, with new programmng happening for 8 or more hours every afternoon/evening, and auto-shuffle going the rest of the time. It's exciting.