I just found out that Chumbawamba gave 50 grand to Indymedia a couple of years ago, money they received for licensing a song for a Pontiac commerical. Right on.

They are so damn cool. They've been one of my favorite bands, because of their music, of course, and their committed politics, for roughly 12 years now, long before 'Tubthumping' made them famous and loved or hated by many who didn't know any better or anything else. This just renews my love for them.

I guess they have a new album coming out soon, also. Yay.

re: Chumbawamba

They actually gave us $35,000 and we told them no. Then they said they didn't want to give it to specific projects so we let them give it to the network. They have a stading policy of giving all money from their songs being sold for ads to be given to activist groups. I think they gave an equal amount to CorpWatch.

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