The Border Wall and the Environment

I just finished a short video piece that I'm pretty proud of about the border wall being built down at the San Pedro Riparian National Conservation Area.

A lot of people around here in Tucson love the San Pedro. It's really a special place. More than that, now it's a symbol of how little the Department of Homeland Security cares about anything but it's own powermad ambitions and empty gestures of pretending to secure our "homeland".
Watch the video here:

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Or download it. And read more about the video, and the situation.

Another related bit of media is the audio recording I made of an ecology walk/talk given at the No Borders Camp, with lots of interesting information about the history of the Calexico/Mexicali area as it relates to water use, irrigation, Colorado River diversion, and the implications of the border and nationalism on the ecology and agriculture there.

re: The Border Wall and the Environment

steev,great video....greta spoke very well and i really liked the sequences you created of the construction of the wall. the video provided great footage of an ongoing ecological catastrophe that most people do not get to see.i appreciate the time you took to highlight how protecting a quiet desert river is caught up in neoliberal economic and foreign policy. thank you.from the east coast city filled with walls everywhere,jessica

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