Assassin of Secrets

Assassin of Secrets

author: Q.R. Markham

name: Steev

average rating: 2.76

book published: 2011

rating: 3

read at: 2017/11/23

date added: 2017/11/23

shelves: novels, fun

I don't read spy novels, although as a kid i was a bit into Ian Fleming's Bond books. I only read this because I'd heard about the plagiarism scandal. I thought there wouldbe obvious signs of being a collage, some winking and hinting and meta stuff. But no, it was just straight bad genre fiction. Makes me glad I don't read spy novels if they're basically this kind of thing. Sexist, cliched, no realistic character development, implausible plot, regressive politics... is Le Carre and other leading lights of the genre this bad? I fear that they are.