The ABCs of Fuck Myspace

Here's a really great punk critique of MySpace:

Though it's a rough draft, it's really important, important enough that I made it into a printed-out, stapled zine that I plan to put in piles at Dry River.

I can't tell you how frustrating it's been for me to see all bands and even progressive political organizations and even Dry River, this anarchist radical anticapitalist venue that I help to manage, come to depend on MySpace. It's so sick and this little zine touches on all the main reasons why.

Read it and pass it around to your musician and activist friends.

re: The ABCs of Fuck Myspace

Excellent.I can't stand myspace, mostly because it makes my head explode every time I see someone's fuck ugly page. And almost all of them are. Now I have all the more reason to avoid it (and ammo to convince my favorite bands to get the hell out of myspace).

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