15,000 Songs

Until this spring, my mp3 collection was consisted of something like 25 GB of diskspace. It was manageable and I sort of had a handle on what I had and what I liked. It had been growing slowly, maybe 5% a year for the last 8 years or so, as I gradually converted my physical musical collection to digital files, or acquired stuff from friends.

However, starting this spring, my collection exploded in size, dramatically. It's now up to about 80 gigs! I did some trading with a friend, and then when I went to Europe I got tons of new stuff from my brother, friends in Berlin and Prague and Rostock, and then recently a harddrive was donated to Dry River that had about 30 gigs of great stuff on it (in fact, the collection on there was so great that I wish I knew who's it was because he/she might just be a really cool person) that I copied. I've been gradually importing all this new stuff into iTunes because I want to somehow keep it sort of sane, this glob of new stuff I haven't heard yet (or stuff I know but have never had a copy of)....

It's an odd experience... how does one deal with so much new culture just sitting in one huge pile?

Well, I've set up a smart playlist in iTunes that plays only stuff I've recently added, never played, and that hasn't been rated as only 1 star and has never been skipped. I'm still not quite done importing it all, but right now in this playlist I have 6 days, 19 hours and 34 minutes of this new music to listen to.


Anyway, I set it on shuffle and listen in the background all day while I work and it's great, mostly, and when I hate something I rate it 1-star or just skip it, and it varies from Alice Cooper to Thelonius Monk to Kyrgistani folk music to Wir Sind Helden and everything in between.

re: 15,000 Songs

My library is huge too. I think you are doing the right thing, but I also build playlists of 4 or 5 start songs (and I only give 5 starts to really incredible songs) because sometimes I need to just listen to music I know I like.At the moment I have about 6000 unheard or unrated tracks, and I try to listen to something "new" at least 50% of the time. I have found/rediscovered some great stuff in there.After I have rated everything (next summer?) I want to re-listen to the 2* & 3* songs (there are a lot) and give them a re-rate. Early on, I was being too nice to some clunkers.Then I want to do a lot of listening to the stuff I gave 4* but have only heard a few times.Of course, hearing new stuff is always in the mix...

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