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Confirmation Bias live at MOCA Tucson

April 25, 2018, as part of the Tucson Noise Symposium.

Confirmation Bias is Igloo Martian (drums, electronics) and Steev Hise (guitars, mutant banjo, electronics)

Cast: steev hise

Tags: music, free improvisation, experimental music, free jazz, avant garde and noise

Moments from the 2017 Tucson Noise Symposium

In April 2017 the first Tucson Noise Symposium was held, featuring dozens of performances and talks and discussions. This is some brief glimpses.
More info can be had at

Cast: steev hise

Tags: noise, tucson, avant garde, festival, music, experimental, art and performance

Meet Confirmation Bias

Some moments from rehearsals of the new duo Confirmation Bias, featuring Steev Hise and Igloo Martian

Cast: steev hise

Tags: music, avant garde, noise and free improv