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Meet Confirmation Bias

Some moments from rehearsals of the new duo Confirmation Bias, featuring Steev Hise and Igloo Martian

Cast: steev hise

Tags: music, avant garde, noise and free improv

Short Hey Bucko! Demo

Just a brief clip to give an idea what a Hey Bucko! gig is like when I'm doing visuals for them.

Cast: steev hise

Tags: music, band, video art, western, tucson, live cinema, live visuals and vj

Igloo Martian live outside of 191 Toole, Tucson, 2017 04 06

This clip starts not quite at the beginning of the perforance, in which Igloo was banging a big piece of plastic (looked kind of like a slide from a kids playground) on the pavement out in the parking lot. This happened as part of the Tucson Noise Symposium, during the show inside the venue.

Cast: steev hise

Tags: performance art, noise, experimental music, sound, loud and bikes

Gave My Love A Cherry, by Hise, Hise & Hosler

Savanna Hise - vocals, bathtub
Steev Hise - noise & drum samples, toys, vocals, mix, video edit
Mark Hosler - guitars/guitar noises, booper, cardboard box, vocals
Stereo Mix and video available at

Cast: steev hise

Tags: kids, collage, noise, music, nursery rhymes and bathtime

Naco Fiesta Binacionale

A blast from the past: a video I made in 2007 covering a party and volleyball game on the borderline in Naco, Arizona/Sonora.

Cast: steev hise

Tags: border, arizona, immigration, volleyball and indymedia

Negativland Live Show Trailer

A montage of moments from recent live shows around the U.S. (Chicago, LA, Houston, Austin, Portland, Seattle)

Footage shot by Leah Gold, Ryan Worsley, Leora Saul, and Steev Hise.

Cast: steev hise and Ryan Worsley

Tags: negativland, music, video, experimental, live, performance and improv

Deseo Desarrollo (a work in progress)

A single-channel version of a piece designed to be a 2-screen performance work. Conceived of as a study or stepping stone in a larger project concerning urban redevelopment and gentrification.

This emergency meta rendition created for "Avant AZ", an evening of video art at Exploded View microcinema in Tucson, AZ, May 9, 2015.

(Produced in collaboration with Allison Leigh Holt; Contains video material generated by Holt using her Glass System videoscultpure, by projecting and re-filming through the sculptures time-lapse footage of my guest house being built. Holt also provided integral script and concept feedback. more info about the sculptures here: )

Cast: steev hise and Oilly Oowen

Tags: video art, performance art, expanded cinema, live cinema, gentrification, urban development, Tucson, fatherhood, food, desire and consumption

Connected Walls Launch Party Opening VJ set

Performed live at the Global Justice Center in South Tucson on November 13, 2014 for the beginning of an event to help kick off the Connected Walls project. Source material is border-related footage produced by members of Pan Left Productions.
Music by Los Macuanos, Systema Solar, Vorpal, Chicha Libre, and Small Rocks.
more info:

Cast: steev hise and CONNECTED WALLS

Tags: live cinema, expanded cinema, video art, borders, immigration, walls, connected walls and mexico

Timelapse of Arty Show at Rialto Theater, Tucson

One frame every 10 seconds, shot on a GoPro Hero3.
Off to the lower right you can see me as I do the video projections for the set, although it's hard to see much of the projection itself because of the light and fog.

Cast: steev hise

Tags: timelapase, edm, dance music, arty, rialto, live music, dj, vj and raver kids

Apache Sacred Run 2014: Rough Selects Assembly

In August 2014 the San Carlos Apache did their annual Sacred Run, this time starting on Mount Graham and ending at Oak Flat recreation area. I was asked to document the whole process, starting a couple of days before the run. This is a very quickly assembled assortment of clips of raw footage just to give a sampling of the kind of material that was shot. I have not done any audio adjustments or even spent much time find ingthe very best moments - it's purely a very fast attempt to scan through the 15 hours or so of footage and give people a general understanding of what's there. If you're a filmmaker or journalist working on documenting the Oak Flat issue and are interesting in using any of this footage, please contact me.

Cast: steev hise

Tags: in-progress, rough, mt graham, arizona, sacred run, oakflat, apache and nativeamerican