Archive - Jun 26, 2006 - Blog entry



Well, just to really briefly update anyone who read the last entry and really cares: Things are much better. I am sleeping more or less normally (for me) now, I'm not sick, and I'm not a nervous wreck. Still sad, but at least I can function, I think. Things are weird enough and fluid enough and personal enough that I can't really go into much more here. Let's just say that a lot has been figured out, things are good (much better than they looked like they'd be), but expectations are low, which is keeping me sane.

One thing I can say that I've resolved from this experience is that I really want to make it a priority sometime soon to start taking better care of myself, physically and mentally. When I get back in town in August I'm planning to do a lot of work on things like my diet, excercise, meditation, maybe even therapy. I've been neglecting personal improvement and maintenence of myself in favor of trying to improve the world, way out of proportion to what is healthy, and this has caught up with me in a big way. It's time to find some balance.