Archive - Jun 22, 2006 - Blog entry


Early Darkening Of The Longest Day

right before a monsoonYesterday was another late-afternoon monsoon. It was beautiful and it made me really happy. It was kind of cool that the monsoon made it get dark a couple hours early, on the longest day of the year.

It's funny, I think I blogged before, or at least talked to friends about it, that I often wondered how long it would take me to appreciate rain and clouds, like Jessica, who wakes up and looks out the window in the morning hoping to see at least one cloud in the sky. Psychologically scarred by the excessive rains of Portland, I didn't think I would ever get happy at the approach of dark storm clouds. Or I thought it would at least take some years. But no, it took about 8 months. I got really happy to see the monsoon, the blowing wind, the lightning, the dramatic roiling clouds. I rode my bike around in it singing joyously and smiling at the rainbows and the simultaneous sun and rain drops.

I really needed some cheering up. I've been really sad and upset lately. I won't write about it here. It's too soap opera...