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Miscellaneous Personal Stuff

For some reason i'm blogging a lot today. hmm.

anyway, a list of random stuff that has happened this week:

  • I bought a bed. It was muy caro, but it's muy confortable. This is great becuz i've been sleeping on futons most of my adult life. I think my back will benefit soon.
  • I fasted for 3 days this week. Last night was the end of that. It went pretty well. Got easier each day. feel healthier.
  • My blog, personal stuff on it, got me in trouble again. I have already curtailed the amount of writing i do about other people here, but past entries are there tripping me up occasionally. Maybe it prompted some progress in some healing processes, though.
  • I feel lately like I'm really liking living in Tucson. Like, suddenly i realized things were at a new level for my enjoyment of being here. that's cool, even tho i don't rationally understand why this has happened. there's lots of stuff to complain about, actually. maybe i was lightheaded cuz of the fasting.
  • heading down to Madalena for the Zapatista Otra Campana gathering tommorrow. It's mostly so Marcos can meet with the Yaqui people there, I hear, but all us borachos are welcome too, to hang out and party, so i guess that's what we're going to do. does that sound cynical? sorry. i just am wondering if all these gringos should really go. why are we going, just to watch Marcos chew his pipe while some Yaqui tribespeople tell him what they're up to in Sonora and Arizona? I hope it turns out to be more meaningful and particpatory than that.
  • WSF critique

    In response to a callout for help from Indymedia Centers to fund an IMC in Nairobi for the upcoming World Social Forum, I wrote this:

    I have very mixed feelings about the Social Forum model, especially
    after going to my first one last weekend, the Border Social Forum.

    I think Indymedia should only be heavily involved (in terms of time
    and/or finances) if it is actively engaged in (constructively)
    critiquing the social forums. I see them as fundamentally instruments
    of liberal NGOs now, tho they may be rescueable. Therefore indymedia
    MUST have a more critical and nuanced view of them than previous

    Also if there will be an Alternative Social Forum in Nairobi similiar
    to the one in Caracas, I would urge very strongly that imcistas get
    involved with that and that more coverage is done of it.

    Regardless, personally I have way too many things going on in this
    hemisphere, especially in january, to go to the WSF or to do
    fundraising or other activity around it.

    my 2 cents

    Saving The Sandhill Cranes on YouTube

    I'm getting more into You Tube. I like it. I hate Myspace (tho i have an account), but I love Flickr and I like You Tube. I think it's a function of 2 things: interface and intention. Myspace's interface just sucks, and also the purpse is nebulous. It's a sort of trendy friendster substitute with no requirement for sharing any creative material. Flickr and YouTube are social sites that involve the sharing of what I think a friend recently called 'tokens of value.' There's a reason you're there besides the networking, schmoozing, macking. Myspace, tho it originally was about bands, is now mostly people just macking. Plus it's owned by Rupert Murdoch.

    Anyway, here's my 2nd upload to YouTube, a video I just finished about Arizona Earthfirst!'s response to the hunting of sandhill cranes.

    'Bordertown' Delayed More

    Today is the day that j-lo's film "Bordertown," based on the real murdered women of Juarez situation, was supposed to be released, according to information from this summer that MGM and the production company put out. But it's obviously not in theaters. I did some research and found out some important information.
    I just sent this information to the mailing list i have for informing people with news about that film and my film.