Archive - Feb 8, 2010

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Senselessness (New Directions Paperbook)

Senselessness (New Directions Paperbook)

author: Horacio Castellanos Moya

name: Steev

average rating: 4.00

book published: 2008

rating: 5

read at: 2010/02/08

date added: 2010/02/08

shelves: novels, own-it, politics

The Cost of Life

While we move closer to the final edit of Truth On The Line's pilot episode(s), we're going to periodically point out here on the site a variety of other media that's out there that is relevant to the project and its goals. This might include, books, music, films, whatever resonates.

Today we have an excellent music video by Juan Luis Guerra, to a song of his called "El Costo De La Vida" - The Cost of Life. Watching the video it will be easy to see some of what it's about, even without knowing much Spanish: topics like the media, the truth, trust in official institutions for your knowledge, thinking for yourself, government oppression, and more - all concerns of Truth On The Line as well. At the start of the video we see Guerra (a Dominican super-popstar, by the way), in the role of a news anchor on TV, tossing his papers casually behind him as he finishes with each, while his backup vocalists sing in screens behind him. He chants "it's the truth" again and again and then in english "do you understand?" At the end he literally pulls the plug on a political leader's speech.

Despite the seriousness of some of the lyrics and imagery, which includes montages of riots and military and police actions, the song also has a bright and happy feel to it. TOTL has a similar format - we're intent on providing engrossing, dramatic entertainment that also asks some hard questions and conveys serious ideas about our society and world: what is truth? what is journalism? How are stories told and who can and does tell them? Truth On The Line is about news and people who deliver the news, but who resist, or try to resist, the status quo. Read more>>>