Archive - Jul 30, 2005

Juarez Doc Details

Well, the film is really coming along. Translations are slowly trickling in from various people helping out, thankfully, though there are still several clips left to do. Now I'm busy making subtitles from the translations I do have, and as I go, tightening up the editing. Hopefully I can still reduce the total length, but I've decided not to be so worried about that anymore. It's about 72 minutes, and I wanted it to be more like 57, but we'll just have to see. I thought it might be interesting to list here the different sections of the doc, not neccesarily in order:

  • intro
  • migration/border
  • impunity
  • poverty and violence
  • violence against women
  • negligence
  • torture of innocents
  • corruption
  • narcotraficantes
  • NAFTA/free trade
  • conclusion/solutions

    It's a complicated series of topics that are all interlinked into a web, conceptually, so it has been difficult to force them into a linear order, but of course this has to be done for a documentary. On the DVD I will of course have an index allowing viewers to get to and watch each section.