Archive - Apr 2005


Almost Ready For the Iowa to Guatemala

Well, I'm almost all completely packed. It seems like whenever I go anywhere, I not only have to pack what I'm taking but also pack what I'm leaving. It's a bloody pain. Especially when I don't know where I'll be returning to. Oh hell I don't even want to try to explain it right now. I'm tired.

At least I managed to get the rough draft of the Juarez doc done, and copies mailed out to people who will hopefully look at it and give me their thoughts, and then when I get back I can finish it up, taking their advice into account

Anyway, this seemed like a good time to upload my collection of all the best photos I've taken over the last month back here in Iowa. It's pretty interesting.

In other news, today I also mailed out a screening copy of a short video of mine, The Pitch which is appearing in the Portland PDX Film Festival this month. It's interesting how this piece that was done really quickly and is really just a silly joke video is the one they wanted, as opposed to the short Bolivia doc that I also sent, which I spent far more time on and really is more important and needs to be seen by more people. sigh.